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~Your Kitchen-The Heart of Your Home~

April 03, 2011 By: admin Category: Organizing your Space

Recently, I was organizing a client’s kitchen. He felt overwelmed with what needed done and didn’t know where to begin. We got to work and started at one end and worked our way to the other end. By the time we were done, it looked so much better. The clutter was gone on the counters, you could actually see what was on the shelves and everything that he really wanted to keep, we kept. The rest we set aside for a garage sale this Spring and the leftovers were going to Goodwill.
Beware of using your kitchen as a work station for homework, office tasks, overcrowding with clutter and piles of paperwork and mail. It’s just too easy to do. Especially if you have a large kitchen. Even a small one that has a table is an easy place to let things pile up. Part of the problem is that the room serves too many purposes. The kitchen is a place to cook and eat and visit with the family at mealtime. Are you overbuying in bulk or buying too many sale items you don’t really need or won’t use very often? Take a few minutes to evaluate what is bothering you most and start there. One pile at a time. One cabinet at a time and before you know it, things will begin to look and feel better. Mealtime is a special time of day whether or not you live alone or have a houseful. Your kitchen (or dining room table) should be a peaceful place to have a meal and a conversation. Take the time to make it so, you’ll enjoy your mealtime so much more.
Need a Professional Organizer/Personal Assistant? Please contact me via e-mail or telephone. I’ll be glad to help get you from point A to Z.
Carole Brecht



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Organizing Your Space, By Carole Brecht

February 27, 2011 By: admin Category: Organizing your Space

Hello to you! I hope this finds you in a good place/space of mind and life is treating you well.
The new year is well under way. My hope is that you’re making progress in your life, decluttering,
 both personally and professionally. I came across an organizing tip the other day I thought well worth sharing.
It goes like this: Put Things in Their Place Immediately aka The Ice Cream Rule. If you walk into your house
 with a pint of ice cream, you don’t leave it on the counter for an hour, do you? No. It goes in the freezer now,
or you’ll be sorry later. Apply The Ice Cream Rule to everything in your home and/or office. Doing so will
 minimize the likelihood of creating a cluttered living space. Now it sounds very simple and in fact is, but it
 takes a conscious, consistent effort to make this rule apply. I’ve been applying this concept and find I have
far less “stuff” to move around, rearrange or find a place for. It has become automatic to get things where
they belong.
 Things can pile up quickly and then it can seem overwelming to make it all go away.
It requires much more effort to figure it all out and often times sits for a much longer period than necessary.
Next time you want to just drop something any old place, think about The Ice Cream Rule and hopefully that
will give you the impetus to take action and put things back where they belong. Keep on truckin’ towards
a more organized life, it’s so worth it, whatever it takes!
 Here’s to moving forward, Carole
Need a Professional Organizer/Personal Assistant? Please contact me via e-mail or telephone.
 I’ll be glad to help get you from point A to Z.
Carole Brecht
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Easy Decorating Tips While Decluttering by Carole Brecht - Professional Organizer/Personal Assistant

November 01, 2010 By: admin Category: Organizing your Space

* If you are using a variety of styles of furniture and knick knacks,
make sure you create a pleasant flow and combination so you don’t overdue it or the room will look cluttered.
* If you are buying new furniture, make sure you stay in scale to the room size. Take measurements to stay on track with the furnishings, the floor, and wall space. Make sure there is ample room to walk around the furnishings.
* When choosing a new paint color, paint a small area first to be sure you like the color on your wall with your furnishings and décor. It’s a good idea to paint one shade lighter than your choice because the sample will look brighter on a big wall than on a small sample swatch.
* If you want to make a room look bigger, use an assortment of mirrors.  They will give the illusion of more space. Placing them in groups or singularly will provide a different affect.
Need a personal assistant for the holidays or help getting holiday decorations sorted and up? Give me a call, I’d be glad help. There’s no time like the present to get your “stuff” in order.
Cheers to transforming your life to a place of peace & harmony ~ Carole
Carole Brecht
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October 01, 2010 By: Anna Marie Category: Organizing your Space

Want to get ORGANIZED, but don’t know where to start? I can help. I work with you to understand what has meaning and what has become accumulated clutter. I sort and organize so that you can decide what to keep. As a Personal Assistant, I can help you even more by relieving you of some of the daily tasks that consume your valuable time. Honest and respectful. References available. Reasonable Fees & Senior Discount! Please call Carole Brecht at 412-418-4978.  http://organizeyourlifenow.vpweb.com/


Dear Readers,
I hope you find my article on organizing helpful and useful.  I have found in my own life, and in the life of my clients, that having your living space, whether in the home or office, organized, makes a BIG difference in how one feels.  For me, an organized (I didn’t say neat or even clean) area makes the difference between my peace of mind or a stressful situation.  Often times, just a little tweaking in an unorganized space can make a difference between a productive day or not.  Here are some tips for organizing a small room.
* Using horizontal shelving on empty walls is a great way to make use of “dead” space.  Whether you use part of the wall or all of the wall for shelving, the shelves can house a battery of useful items as well as knick knacks or items that are artistic and/or decorative.  This way of storage and/or decorating frees up valuable floor space. Be sure to place the things you use most often within height reach so you don’t need to use a stepladder everytime you go to get the thing you need often.
*  There are multiple furniture pieces that can double as storage space.  For example: a toy chest with a lid can be used for storing as well as sitting.  An ottoman often times has a lid for the top of it that can be used for storage.  An end table that has cabinet space or drawers is much more useful than just a table top. 
*  Hang a “mailbox” or “mailpocket” on your wall that is easy access and can hold all your mail.  I found myself having my mail all over my house in every room until I made use of this idea.  Now, it’s easy to locate and pay attention to those most important deadlines.
*  Select a desk that is large enough to house your most important paperwork.  Keep your printer and printer paper and accessories on a seperate stand.  This is a good way to declutter your “work” area and keep you focused without feeling too crowded. 
Here’s to your peace of mind through Organizing YOUR Life!