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Did you Know?

March 15, 2013 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

Augusta Lewis Troup
That the first all-women labor union was the Women’s Typographical Union founded by Augusta Lewis in 1869.

That she was born in New York City c.1848 - Sept. 14, 1920, orphaned in infancy and called “Gussie” Lewis, and eventually adopted by broker Isaac Gage?

That she was a community leader and was called “the Little Mother of the Italian Colony?”

That Augusta Lewis Troup was a reporter, typesetter, labor organizer, publisher and advocate of women’s rights?

That at age 18, following her graduation from the Convent of the Sacred Heart at Manhattanville, N.Y., Troup became a New York Sun reporter and also contributed articles to the New York Times?

That she served an apprenticeship as a typesetter, working for the New York Era and the New York World and at the time, Troup was one of the only female typesetters at the World?

That a friendship with Susan B. Anthony led to helping to found Anthony’s newspaper, The Revolution, for which Troup became a reporter and typesetter?

That the publication’s purpose was to help working women organize in their own interests .One such organization was formed in 1868, and became known as the Working Women’s Association?

That it was this organization that led to the formation of the Typographer’s Union?

That Augusta Lewis married Alexander Troup, the union’s secretary-treasurer, in 1874, and retired from the union, but remained active in other reform work?

National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Partners With LeanIn.org and Sheryl Sandberg To Support Women

March 15, 2013 By: admin Category: Consumer Education


Women Are Starting Businesses at Record Numbers and Responsible for Employing More Than 13 Million People and Generating $1.9 Trillion in Sales

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) is announcing its partnership with Sheryl Sandberg and www.LeanIn.Org , an organization dedicated to combining practical education and focused discussion to give women-at all levels
of their careers-the tools they need to realize their goals.

“Since 1975, NAWBO has been the unified voice of America’s women-owned businesses representing the fastest growing segment of the economy and the interests of all women entrepreneurs across all industries,” said Diane Tomb,President & CEO of NAWBO. “NAWBO is leaning in because we know how much female entrepreneurs have to offer one another. We support Sheryl Sandberg and LeanIn’s mission to connect and support women in all areas and stages of their
professional development and are excited to have the opportunity to work with them to encourage and motivate them to reach their full potential.”

Lean In Education is a growing series of educational materials, jointly
developed with The Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford
University, on topics critical to success for women entrepreneurs, ranging from negotiation skills to team dynamics.

“For years, women have represented an important part of the workforce, earning 57 percent of undergraduate and 63 percent of masters degrees in the United States today,” said Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, author of Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead and co-founder of LeanIn.Org. “For over 30 years, women have represented half of middle management in a number of industries, yet many organizations struggle to attract and retain high-potential women, especially in the most senior roles.”

Sparked by the book “Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead,”LeanIn.Org consists of three integrated programs: 1) Lean In Community brings women and men together to share stories and have daily conversations around topics that will help them achieve their goals; 2) Lean In Education offers access to free online lectures, produced in collaboration with the Clayman Institute for Gender Studies at Stanford University, on topics including creating successful teams, combating gender bias, negotiating, and advocating for your ideas; 3) Lean In Circles are small groups that meet monthly to learn together and share
experiences in an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust. For more
information, visit www.LeanIn.Org or facebook.com/leaninorg.

Founded in 1975, the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) propels women entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power worldwide by: strengthening the wealth creating capacity of our members and promoting economic development within the entrepreneurial community; creating innovative and effective change in the business culture; building strategic alliances, coalitions and affiliations; and transforming public policy and influencing opinion makers. Learn more at www.nawbo.org

Media Contact:
Christina Jorgensen
NAWBO Communications
(818) 772-9555, ext. 103

SOURCE National Association of Women Business Owners

For Women, It’s Personal

March 15, 2013 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

For Women, It’s Personal

Empowered women will change the world

In many countries, women are responsible for finding and fetching water for their families.
All the water they need for drinking, washing, cooking, cleaning. They walk miles, carry heavy burdens, wait for hours and pay exorbitant prices. The work is back-breaking and all-consuming. Often the water is contaminated, even deadly. In these instances, they face an impossible choice – certain death without water or possible death from illness.

Once they are old enough, girls join this effort. They spend countless hours trying to provide this basic life necessity.

Women also struggle most from the lack of adequate sanitation, the often unspoken part of the water and sanitation crisis. The sanitation crisis for women can be summed up in one word: ‘dignity.’ Around the world, fewer than one person in three has access to a toilet. In many countries, it is not acceptable for a woman to relieve herself during the day. They wait hours for nightfall, just to have privacy. This impacts health and puts their safety at risk. About half of all girls worldwide attend schools without toilets. The lack of privacy causes many girls to drop out when they reach puberty.

The dual aspects of the water crisis – lack of water and of sanitation – lock women in a cycle of poverty. They cannot attend school; they cannot earn an income.

Providing Hope for Generations Ahead

Around the world, women are coming together to address their own needs for water and sanitation. Their strength and courage transforms communities. With the support of Water.org and its local partners, women organize their communities to support a well and take out small loans for household water connections and toilets. They support one another, share responsibility. These efforts make an impact, taking us one step closer to ending the global water crisis.

The results?
Education •Increased girls’ school attendance, level of education and literacy rates, as they no longer need to miss school to secure water for their families and have adequate and separate sanitation facilities.
Health •Improved health for women and girls who no longer have to delay defecation and urination.
•Reduced child and maternal mortality as a result of access to safe water, sanitation facilities and improved hygiene during child birth.
•Increased dignity and reduced psychological stress for girls and women particularly when symptoms associated with menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth can be managed discreetly.
•Reduced physical injury from constant lifting and carrying heavy loads of water.
•Reduced risk of rape, sexual assault, and increased safety as women and girls do not have to go to remote and dangerous places to defecate or to fetch water during the night.
Socio-Economic Opportunity •Increased recognition of women as having skills and knowledge outside the scope of their traditional roles.
•Strengthened voice for women in their families and communities to negotiate their own needs.
•New opportunities for women’s employment as well as greater autonomy and independence.

Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness

Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water

More than 3x more people lack water than live in the United States

The majority of illness is caused by fecal matter

More people have a mobile than a toilet

Lack of community involvement causes 50% of other projects to fail

Looking for a Woman Owned Contractor, Painter etc?

March 03, 2013 By: admin Category: Consumer Education


“Specializing in Beautifying Your Home”
Phone: 412-414-3997
Email: jlpasserrello@comcast.net
Ceramic Tile Installation; Hardware
floor installation; Interior Painting;
Cabinet Refinishing: Kitchen and bath

Theresa Zingrone
Phone and Fax: 412-886-9818
Email: lmz1437@aol.com
Specializing in Pond and Waterfalls
* Concrete Work * Retaining Walls *
Pavers * New Landscaping Construction
* Mowing and Fertilization. Commercial
and Residential. Fully Insured. “Call a
company that cares.


Laura Grunert, Experienced & Insured
Landscape Architect
Phone 412-512-0973

Jane of All Trades is an independent
contractor specializing in Residential
Painting and Landscape Design. This
includes upscale residential repaints
and restoration work for places in need
of repair. Also providing a broad range
of finish work including plaster repairs,
wallcovering removal, light carpentry and
small ceramic tile installations. Residential
Painting + Landscape Design. B.S.
Landscape Architecture, LEED Green
Associate. Sustainable landscape designs
and complete project management.
Meticulous. Reliable. Honest. Insured.
Licensed PA Home Improvement


Lisa Ray, owner
4775 Frich Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
Phone: 412-407-7298
Website: www.raytiling.com

What we do: Ceramic * Porcelain *
Granite * Marble * Slate
Common Applications: Floors *
Backsplashes * Fireplaces * Showers *
Bath Remodels. Whether you know the
exact tile and design that you would like, or
are just beginning to consider the project
and need some direction, we can help.


Diane Frasinelli
126 Lindsay Road
Carnegie, PA 15106
Phone: 412-983-0742
Email: lumberladies@gmail.com

We do remodeling, kitchen and
bathroom redo’s; Decks; Small additions;
Tile; Wood trim; Other repairs around
your house.

Experience a different culture from your very own home!

March 03, 2013 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

Holy Family International College Preparatory Program is looking for Home Stay Families to have English-speaking international high school students live in their home while they attend local Catholic high schools during the 2013-14 school year. Home Stay Families will receive compensation for additional living expenses. For more information, contact Lynn Guerra at
412-766-9020 x304 or

Mary Rinker Herschend, “Leading Lady of Missouri Tourism.”

March 03, 2013 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

by Pat McGrath Avery
Red Engine Press
River Road Press

Mary grew up in Illinois, attended Eureka College and Ohio State University. She became a librarian and married. Her life changed drastically when her husband died leaving her with a young son.

She met Hugo and Gudrun Herschend and their young son just a few years before cancer took Gundrun’s life. Mary and Hugo married and lived with their sons, Pete and Jack, in Wilmette, Illinois.

They shared many common interest and their love of wildflowers would soon lead them to southern Missouri. In 1946, they took a trip to the Ozarks and that vacation changed their lives.

They met Miss Miriam Lynch and her sister Genevieve who owned Marvel Cave outside Branson, Missouri. They fell in love with the beautiful Ozark Mountains. In 1950 the Herschends signed a 99-year lease on the cave. Hugo wanted to develop a business but Mary was content to be a mother and housewife. Although she didn’t want to move, Hugo was adamant about building a retirement business. He continued to work in Chicago, leaving Mary and the boys to live in the Ozarks and start their business. Eight thousand people visited the cave the first year they operated it.

The family capitalized on their individual strengths, Hugo’s marketing skills, Mary’s organizational and business sense and their sons’ willingness to work and learn the business. In 1955, Hugo died of a heart attack, leaving 56-year-old Mary in charge of a lease and a new business.

She made a decision, approached a banker and convinced him to loan her money to make improvements and run the business. Every year she borrowed money during the winter and paid it back when visitors came during the summer months. Hard work and determination drove her.

Mary and her sons loved the history of the Ozarks and in 1960 opened Silver Dollar City, a small Ozark Mountain village based on life in the late 1800s. The village featured the clothing, crafts, art, food and lifestyle of the era. Silver Dollar City brought history to its visitors and created jobs. As visitors came, entertainers came and the area grew.

People loved watching the craftsmen at work, tasting the foods, listening to the music and enjoying the natural beauty of the Ozarks.

Together with Pete and Jack, she made it work and grow. They hired a group of employees who shared their vision and their hard-working lifestyle. No division of labor existed. They all pitched in and learned every aspect of running a park. Mary admitted that they never developed business plans. Each year she and the boys decided how to improve their park and then worked to make it happen. Each year attendance increased.

Mary frequently told people, “Pete runs Silver Dollar City, Jack runs Marvel Cave –
and I run the two boys.”

In 1968, the Small Business Administration named Mary as Missouri Small Businessman of the Year. In 1972, she received the Missouri Tourism Award and in 1977, the Missouri Chamber of Commerce named her as the “Leading Lady of Missouri Tourism.”

Before her death in 1983, Silver Dollar City grew to be the largest employer in the area. The Missouri House of Representatives passed a resolution stating the House “recognizes in the life and work of Mary Rinker Herschend those attribute which characterize and define a true Missouri pioneer…who helped create a wave of recreational development which greatly contributed to the rise of tourism as one of Missouri’s top industries.”

The Women’s Media Center

March 03, 2013 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

The Status of Women in The U.S. Media 2013

Report Finds Gender Inequality Stubbornly
Persists in Media Representation
February 22, 2013
The Women’s Media Center Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2013
was released today. It details the persistent gender disparity in a range
of media businesses and institutions that rank among the greatest
influencers in American society.
Using an avalanche of new surveys, studies and reports, the Women’s Media Center report examines the representation of women in newspapers, online-only news sites, television, radio, social media, literature, video games, film and television, sports news, newsmakers and corporate/technology leadership. It also looks at how women’s issues, female journalists and newsmakers fared during the 2012 presidential election. This is the second year the Women’s Media Center has issued the report. (Click here to download a PDF of the report.)
Here are a few highlights from the report:
• By a nearly 3 to 1 margin, male front-page bylines at top newspapers outnumbered female bylines in coverage of the 2012 presidential election. Men were also far more likely to be quoted than women in newspapers, television and public radio.
• On Sunday TV talk shows, women comprised only 14 percent of those interviewed and 29 percent of roundtable guests.
• Talk radio and sports talk radio hosts are overwhelmingly male.
• As newspaper employment continues to tumble, so does the number of women in key jobs.
• Newer, online-only news sites have fallen into the same rut as legacy media. Male bylines outnumbered female bylines at four of six sites reviewed.
• The percentage of women who are television news directors edged up, reaching 30 percent for the first time. Overall employment of women in TV news remains flat.
• Obituaries about men far outnumber those of women in top national and regional newspapers.
• Women comprised just 9 percent of the directors of the top 250 domestic grossing films of 2012.
• Women comprised 39 percent of documentary directors whose work appeared at major festivals in 2011-12.
• Across all behind-the-camera positions, females were most likely to be producers.
However, as the prestige of the producing post increased, the percentage of female participation decreased.
• Forty-seven percent of gamers are women, but 88 percent of video games developers are male
Julie Burton, president of the Women’s Media Center, said that, “The report shows that while media is the most powerful economic and cultural force today, it still falls far too short in its representation of women. Who tells the story, what the story is about, and who is quoted in the story are core to the work of The Women’s Media Center, and the numbers demonstrate that the glass ceiling extends across all media platforms. We can do better – we must do better. Women represent 51 percent of the U.S. population yet we’re still not seeing equal participation. That means we are only using half our talent and usually hearing half of the story.”
The report is being released just prior to Sunday’s Academy Awards, which this year has 140 male nominees—and just 35 females.
It was researched and written for the Women’s Media Center by Diana Mitsu Klos, an executive strategist for media organizations, associations and nonprofits. Cindy Royal, Ph.D., an associate professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Texas State University in San Marcos reviewed it. Cristal Williams Chancellor, media relations manager of the Women’s Media Center, also edited the report.
The Women’s Media Center works to make women and girls visible and powerful in the media through strategic programs that transform the media landscape, and that include media training, media monitoring and activism, media reports, media programs, and special initiatives. The Women’s Media Center also produces original media content on our CBS radio show, Women’s Media Center Live with Robin Morgan, and publishes Women’s Media Center Features that provide progressive women’s perspectives on both headline stories and timely events. The organization was founded in 2005 by Jane Fonda, Robin Morgan, and Gloria Steinem.
For more information, contact Cristal Williams Chancellor, media relations manager, cristal@womensmediacenter.com or 202-587-1636.

Ellie’s Pantry

March 03, 2013 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

Ellie’s Pantry
Donations of pet food are needed for this wonderful service provided by the
Western Pennsylvania Humane Society
Linda Feit
412-321-4625 x246

Ellie’s Pet Pantry was started by a donation from an individual who felt that pets are an important part of the family. She felt that people who have had their pets in-home long term and have suddenly come upon temporary financial setbacks such as losing their job, unexpected medical expenses, etc. need their pets with them even more during their struggle to get back on their feet. The pantry’s purpose is to temporarily assist these long-term pet owners by supplementing what they are able to provide for their pet so that they are able to keep their pet with them in home rather than have to surrender them to a shelter. The pantry provides only dry food (no litter, medical supplies, vaccines, etc.) and is unable to assist breeders, rescues or feral cat colony caretakers. The pantry sustains itself with donations made specifically to Ellie’s Pet Pantry (many which come from individuals who, themselves, have been helped by the pantry). We do require that people call in advance and speak directly to someone rather than just dropping in or leaving a message for food. This is done to ensure that there is food available for them when they come in to the shelter to pick it up so they don’t make the trip here in vain.

“Animal Friends is Hopping With Easter Activities!”

March 03, 2013 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

Animal Friends’ annual Easter Egg-Stravaganza is full of events for families who love pets (and rabbits in particular!).

Pet Photos with the Easter Bunny
Sunday, March 10 from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm | Animal Friends (562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237)
Bring your pet to pose with the Bunny himself! Every year, our pet photo event attracts hundreds of pets and their families – from Great Danes to Pugs, tabby cats to rabbits, and even turtles and ferrets! Photos are 3 for $10 (limit three 4×6) and will be mailed to you after the event. Proceeds benefit Animal Friends.

Breakfast with the Rabbits
Saturday, March 30 from 9:00 am – 12:30 pm | Animal Friends (562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237)
Join us for hearty breakfast paired with a Bun Run (free-roaming rabbit recess) for our shelter rabbits. This is a great opportunity to learn the basics of rabbit care. Registration is required, so call 412.847.7055 to save your spot or register online at www.ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org. Vegetarian options will be available! (For the safety of the rabbits, please leave your pet at home for this event.) Proceeds benefit Animal Friends.

Easter Bake Sale
Saturday, March 30 from 9:30 am – 4:00 pm | Animal Friends (562 Camp Horne Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237)
Animal Friends’ volunteer bakers have been very busy baking up some of their most-prized family recipes to share with you and yours for the Easter Holiday. Come follow your nose to support Animal Friends at this year’s Easter Bake sale! Proceeds benefit Animal Friends.

Animal Friends is located at 562 Camp Horne Road in the North Hills, just 0.5 miles from Exit 15 off I-279. For more information, call 412.847.7000 or visit www.ThinkingOutsideTheCage.org.

YWCA Pittsburgh Opens Tax Office

March 03, 2013 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

The YWCA Greater Pittsburgh has joined with the United Way of Allegheny County and the Money In Your Pocket Coalition to provide free tax preparation assistance for low-income individuals and families in Allegheny County.
Tax preparation service is available by appointment at two YW locations:
305 Wood St, Downtown Pittsburgh
Tuesdays, 12-8:30 pm
Thursdays, 4:30-8:30 pm

6907 Frankstown Rd, Homewood-Brushton
Saturdays, 9 am-12:30 pm
Call 2-1-1 for more information or to make an appointment.
305 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222