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Feng Shui for a Beautiful Wedding

April 17, 2011 By: admin Category: Feng Shui

Feng Shui for a Beautiful Wedding
Applying its Practical Wisdom for a Balanced and Harmonized Ceremony

With another wedding season upon us, the eyes of the world will be watching the most spectacular
 ceremony in a long time with the royal wedding of William and Kate. It`s a reminder of how lavish
an occasion the exchanging of vows can be.  

As a most welcome opportunity to celebrate the joining of two hearts, it’s imperative that the positive energy
 be encouraged to flow freely, uplifting the bride and groom and everyone in attendance and working behind the scenes.

With all the details and things to check off the list in planning a flawless day, there are important considerations
 that should not be left to chance. With some knowledge and intention of how to best support a positive and
 joyous wedding, the best possible atmosphere can be created. Feng Shui harmony is about colors, elements,
shapes and numbers to all support one another in a beneficial way.

There are some ancient Feng Shui guidelines that will help you with the harmony and balance of the ceremony as well as with the reception.

• Selecting the luckiest date - According to Feng Shui traditions, the number 8 is auspicious for love and 9
represents eternity, so try to choose a wedding date that contains these numbers or at least adds up to them.
• The colour of the wedding dress and tuxedo – The most beneficial color pairing is based on the Chinese
 tai chi symbol of yin and yang (black and white). Black represents female (yin) while white is male (yang), so adorning
the colors of the opposite sex balances the female and male energy of each person. For the bride’s dress, opt for a softer
more relaxing tone such as light beige or cream colour, off-white or pearl, rather than stark white.
• The colours of the groom and wedding party - Earthy colors like cocoa, olive, honey or dusty rose are ideal shades
for the bridesmaid’s dresses.
• Enhancements for the wedding dress – Sparkle with the energy of the metal element by wearing a glittering necklace,
 earrings or crystals woven into the dress material to catch the light and dazzle. Avoid overdoing it however as a little goes a long way.
• Flowers – Healthy and colorful flowers increase the flow of positive chi to any environment. Choose pink roses which
 symbolize love, lilies for abundance, chrysanthemums for happiness, or peonies for longevity.
• Lighting – For both the ceremony and reception, place soft crystal salt lamps and candles around the space for livening up the
 energy with the fire element. Be sure to leave no dark corners.
• Scents – Pleasurable smells have a powerful affect, and can subtly enhance the energy of any room. With either essential oil
diffusers or scented candles, choose scents to enliven the mood such as rosemary, ylang ylang, lemon or rose.
• Crystals – Bring along two Rose Quartz crystals, (representing the bride and groom), and place them in the relationship area of the c
eremony and reception space, which is the farthest right hand corner. Rose Quartz is auspicious for romance and represents beauty and love.
• Furniture – The shapes of the reception tables are important, and can make a big difference on the quality of everyone’s experience
of the evening. Avoid square or rectangular tables with sharp jutting edges, which attract conflict. Rather, choose round or oval shaped
 tables which encourage harmony and inclusiveness, leaving no one sitting alone at the far end.

The goal of Feng Shui is to create a nurturing, uplifting environment that supports people, and incorporating this ancient wisdom
 into your wedding day will contribute to a loving energy that can have a positive effect on your marriage for years.

Yvonne Phillips is a available for speaking,mentoring or home or office consulations.
 She can be reached at 412-215-8247 or yvonnephillips1@aol.com

Kate Middleton: To Obey or Succeed?

April 17, 2011 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

by Anushay Hossain

Amidst all the frenzy surrounding the upcoming Royal Wedding and what Kate will wear, Salon addresses a more important point: what will Miss Middleton say?

When Kate Middleton walks down the aisle to wed Prince William on April 29, spectators all over the world will be hanging on her every word. And the one they’ll be listening for in particular isn’t “love” or “cherish.” It’s “obey”… In 1981, William’s mother Diana dropped it from her vows to Prince Charles. But five years later, Sarah Ferguson slipped the word back into her wedding vows to Prince Andrew. And in 1999, Sophie Rhys-Jones did likewise when she tied the knot to Prince Edward.

Much good that little word did for Sarah or Sophie. The latter has all but disappeared from the public’s radar, and Sarah not only ended up divorcing Prince Andrew, but was last seen trying make money in some hotel room by selling access to her former husband. Can we say pathetic?

Salon states that the Palace, along with most other details, is remaining mum about whether Kate will “obey” or not. Archbishop Rowan Williams, who will marry the couple, had a report issued by his Council back in 2006 that labeled the word as outdated.

However, I would not be surprised if Kate did opt to keep the word in her vows. After all for Kate it has been one sacrifice or compromise after the other. From putting an end to her photography exhibition, to abandoning her career in fashion, Middleton has only been too willing to prove to Queen Elizabeth that she is no Diana.

What I am more interested in than William and Kate changing language in their vows is whether or not they change a 300 yr old tradition giving preference to sons over daughters for royal succession.

In January of this year, Keith Vaz, Labour Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, introduced legislation which would attempt “to remove any distinction between the sexes in determining the succession to the Crown”. Vaz stated that, “Britain is an egalitarian country and this should be reflected in our succession rules.

With the law as it currently stands, if Kate and William have a daughter she will immediately be passed over if Kate has a son.

Forget about who Kate swears to “obey” or not. If there is anything this couple must change right away it is legislation that denies women access to power simply because of their gender. That in my mind, is seriously outdated.


April 17, 2011 By: admin Category: Humor

Julie A. Monzi          
                                                           By Julie Ann Monzi

 When our children were young, our family spent vacations at my parents’ house near Pittsburgh.
The kids loved playing in the huge backyard and swimming in the pool.
 On a summer visit many years ago, my then-four-year-old daughter, Abby, who has autism, came down with a fever.
My mom and I kept her comfortable and hydrated. Two days later and still no change in her temperature, I called a local pediatrician.
He was an older doctor, the father of a former high school classmate. Abby was non-verbal so he checked her
thoroughly and finally prescribed penicillin. She hated the taste but took it fairly well.
 The next morning Abby had a small rash. Just little bumps on her arms, neck, and face. I called the pediatrician immediately.
“It’s probably an allergic reaction so stop giving her the antibiotic,” he said.
As we left for home the next day, her rash looked a little more prominent. I decided to schedule an appointment with her regular pediatrician.
In the morning, I woke her up and gasped. Abby’s face was swollen with one eye almost all the way closed. She looked like she’d been punched.
 The rash covered her cheeks and arms.
At the pediatrician’s office, the doctor walked into the exam room and immediately said in a sing-song voice, “I know what’s going on here.
Someone got into the poison.”
 Poison?!!! My mind was reeling. The doctor continued talking and making notes in Abby’s chart, but all I could focus on was that my
 daughter, my baby, had gotten into poison, somewhere, somehow.
 My first thought was my parents’ basement. She played down there and maybe got into the cleaners under the laundry area sink.
That had to be it! At home I kept everything locked up.
 “My parents’ basement,” I told the doctor breathlessly. “That’s where it could have been.” What if I couldn’t figure it out?
Would my daughter get poisoned again?
 The doctor looked at me like I had two heads. “No. It grows outside.”
 My mind was still reeling. Outside? What could she have gotten into outside?
 “Wait a minute! My dad sprinkled something on his flower garden. That must be it!” I was getting frantic.
 “No, no, no,” the doctor said. “It’s a plant. It grows outside.”
 “A plant?” I shook my head in confusion.
 “Yes, a plant. You know. Like poison ivy.”
 “Poison ivy?” What was he talking about? “But you said poison.”
 “Yes, there is poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac.”
 I felt relieved and irritated all at once. “But you said poison, not poison ivy. Poison is bleach, poison is cleaner, poison is Drano.”
 “But poison could be any one of those plants not just one. That’s what it’s called. Poison.”
 “Well, I’ve never heard it called that before.”
 So I got a lesson in botany, and my daughter got a prescription for her “poison”. And I learned a new vocabulary lesson: it may
be poison ivy in Pittsburgh, but in Gettysburg it’s just plain poison.

Pittsburgh to Become a Human Rights City

April 17, 2011 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

510 City County Bldg.
414 Grant Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Dear Councilman Shields,

My name is Maya Rosen, and I am an eleventh grade student at Pittsburgh Allderdice High School. I am involved in a group called Racial Justice through Human Rights that is sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee. We are a diverse group of high school students from across the city, and we are committed to equality, justice, and human rights.

Our group has discussed some of the issues that are currently facing Pittsburgh. Education, the achievement gap, police behavior in the community, violence, transportation, jobs, and fair housing are all issues of paramount importance to us as young people, as leaders, and as involved and passionate citizens. We believe that these issues, and many others as well, can be solved within the context of human rights.

I am writing to propose making Pittsburgh a Human Rights City. A Human Rights City is one whose residents and local authorities participate in ongoing discussions and creative exchange of ideas in order to more fully understand human rights. When these ideas are incorporated as a way of life, they assist in identifying the issues and informing the actions in our local government, for meaningful, positive economic and social change. Pittsburgh would become the fifth Human Rights City in the United States, joining other Human Rights Cities around the world where inhabitants have undertaken ongoing learning with the understanding that human rights is central in bringing forth a viable vision and mission for the 21st Century.

We care deeply about Pittsburgh and want to eradicate any form of injustice that we see here at home. I believe that declaring Pittsburgh a Human Rights City would have an immensely positive effect on our communities. If the decisions of our city are made within a framework of human rights, and we continue to engage with and learn about human rights ideology, I am confident that Pittsburgh will become a safer, happier, and more just community.

I am enclosing a copy of the resolution that Washington DC passed to become a Human Rights City, so you can see a model of what we are discussing.

Please contact me with any questions.

We would be excited to work with you to make this idea a reality.



Maya Rosen

Events for Women Who Love Their Pets

April 03, 2011 By: admin Category: Events


Karen Litzinger, from Litzinger Career Consulting, has another endeavor called Heal from Pet Loss.  She is the author of an award-winning CD Heal Your Heart: Coping with the Loss of a Pet.  Heal from Pet Loss also offers pet loss bereavement counseling, and sponsors event fundraisers for Western Pennsylvania Animal Shelters.  You are invited to join Heal from Pet Loss at these upcoming events:

Pet Parents Day Painting Party April 17, 2011. Noon-6:00 PM

 Heal from Pet Loss and Color Me Mine are joining together to raise money for The Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania.  Paint dog/cat bowls, treat jars, picture frames, and more for your pets.  For more information or find out how to register visit www.HealFromPetLoss.com




Expert Advice for Owners of Aging or Ailing Pets: The Final Paw of the Journey

As our pets get old, we may wonder what we need to do to take care of them.  The panel presentation will feature a veterinary expert, a pet loss counselor, and a funeral services professional.  Attendees are invited to bring pet food, pet supplies, or monetary contributions for the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society.  For more information visit www.HealFromPetLoss.com.  Three times, locations and dates, please call to register.  


Bethel Park Public Library:         Monroeville Public Library:        Moon Township Public Library      

Tuesday, May 3, 2011                     Wednesday, May 4, 2011                Saturday, May 7, 2011

7:30 - 8:30 PM Council Chambers 7:30 - 8:30, PM Gallery Space        2:00-3:00 PM, Sky Room

5100 West Library Avenue             4000 Gateway Campus Blvd          1700 Beaver Grade Road Suite 100

Call (412) 835-2207 to register        Call (412) 372-0500 to register    Call (412) 269-0334 to register




Fundraiser for the Animal Rescue League

National Pet Parents Day Painting Party and CD Signing

Sunday, April 17, 2011, Noon to 6:00 PM

Color Me Mine, 5887 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh (Squirrel Hill), 15217

Come paint a special food bowl, treats jar, picture frame or other fun item in honor of your special animal companion.  $15 will cover appetizers, desserts, drinks, a two hour block of painting time and a contribution to the Animal Rescue League.  Ceramic pieces to paint will be offered in a wide range of prices to accommodate everyone’s budget. Spaces are limited!  Individuals, couples and families are welcome!

I will also be doing a CD signing at the event for people who want Heal Your Heart as a caring gift for a pet-lover friend with a portion of proceeds to benefit the Animal Rescue League.

~Your Kitchen-The Heart of Your Home~

April 03, 2011 By: admin Category: Organizing your Space

Recently, I was organizing a client’s kitchen. He felt overwelmed with what needed done and didn’t know where to begin. We got to work and started at one end and worked our way to the other end. By the time we were done, it looked so much better. The clutter was gone on the counters, you could actually see what was on the shelves and everything that he really wanted to keep, we kept. The rest we set aside for a garage sale this Spring and the leftovers were going to Goodwill.
Beware of using your kitchen as a work station for homework, office tasks, overcrowding with clutter and piles of paperwork and mail. It’s just too easy to do. Especially if you have a large kitchen. Even a small one that has a table is an easy place to let things pile up. Part of the problem is that the room serves too many purposes. The kitchen is a place to cook and eat and visit with the family at mealtime. Are you overbuying in bulk or buying too many sale items you don’t really need or won’t use very often? Take a few minutes to evaluate what is bothering you most and start there. One pile at a time. One cabinet at a time and before you know it, things will begin to look and feel better. Mealtime is a special time of day whether or not you live alone or have a houseful. Your kitchen (or dining room table) should be a peaceful place to have a meal and a conversation. Take the time to make it so, you’ll enjoy your mealtime so much more.
Need a Professional Organizer/Personal Assistant? Please contact me via e-mail or telephone. I’ll be glad to help get you from point A to Z.
Carole Brecht



facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?closeTheater=1#!/pages/Organize-Your-Life-Now/167825409901347


April 03, 2011 By: admin Category: Business Library Schedule



APRIL 2011



Programs are held each Thursday at 12:15 pm at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Downtown & Business, 612 Smithfield St., Downtown.  They are free and open to the public.



Thursday, April 7           Charitable Giving:  Crafting a Gift of Significance

                                    Nicole Johnston, MBA

                                    AXA Advisors, LLC


This session will focus on various methods of tax-favored giving to charities, including the gifting of cash, appreciated securities, real estate and life insurance.  Ms. Johnson will discuss strategies and vehicles used for these gifts, including charitable trusts.



Thursday, April 14             How to Avoid the “Cruelest Trap of All” After the Tax Relief Act of 2010

                                        James Lange, CPA/Attorney, Author

                                        President, Lange Legal Group, LLC


Because of changes in the new estate tax laws, older traditional estate plans are not helpful, but harmful because of the severe restrictions they can place on your spouse’s independence and access to the family money.  Mr. Lange will discuss why traditional estate plans should be reviewed to ensure that the surviving spouse will have control over expenditure decisions as originally intended.  All attendees will receive a FREE copy of Jim’s bestselling book, Retire Secure!



Thursday, April 21         Moving Up and Moving Out in 2011:

The Insider Secrets of Real Estate and Mortgage Professionals                      

Diane Scabilloni, MPM, Mortgage Planner, Victorian Finance

                                    Tracy Janov, Real Estate Professional, Prudential Preferred Realty


How can you stage your home without spending a lot of money so it will sell it quickly and for the best price?  Discover options for making a smooth financial transition from one home to another, and ideas for managing the financing when you are selling and moving to a new property.  Our speakers will explain how you can entice buyers to make a quick offer and make realtors excited to show your home.



Thursday, April 28         The Panic is On: The Great American Depression as Seen By the Common                                         Man     (DVD – 60 minutes)


This unusual DVD combines newsreel film, popular music, eyewitness accounts and photographs that  portray the desperation of the time when millions were unemployed and unable to find any kind of work.  Scenes of bread lines, people running to banks to withdraw their money, Thanksgiving dinner at a homeless shelter and more make this era come to life. 


April 03, 2011 By: admin Category: Events


- April 1 – In honor of National Autism Awareness month, Panera Bread is hosting its first “Autism Speaks, Panera Listens” campaign.  On Friday, April 1st through Friday, April 8th, Panera Bread is inviting community members to purchase a Puzzle Piece Shortbread Cookie at their local Panera Bread bakery-café.  One hundred percent of proceeds from the Puzzle Piece Shortbread Cookies will be donated to the Pittsburgh, PA Autism Speaks chapter.



April 4 - FREE TELECONFERENCE CALL – Integrated Wellness Coaching Certification – 7 PM – 8 PM EDT - Learn the details about this Coaching Certification Opportunity - We will discuss the program details and what you can expect to do with your Certification. Great income opportunity for Natural Health Practitioners, Life Coaches, Personal Trainers and Moms, too! Call in #(218) 339-4300 Participant Code: 478911



April 4 – Pittsburgh Public Schools – Annual Business Opportunity - The Extravaganza has been moved to a new location on a different day!  (Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers’ building (PFT) - Please update your calendar to reflect the change if you have already registered.  If you have not registered yet you still have time!  Respond to this email or call (412) 488-4661.




April 4 -  from 6-8pm – Pittsburgh Professional Women Presents

Clever Connections Dinner Club Monroeville - Nardi’s 10th Floor Jonnett Building, 4099 William Penn Highway, Monroeville, PA 15146 - Dinner Clubs are for MEMBERS ONLY  Not a Member?  What are You Waiting for?  Cost:  Dinner on Your Own


April 6 - How to Create a Publicity Plan for Your Business –Beth Caldwell, Speaker - FREE Workshop - 10:15 AM- Squirrel Hill, 5801 Forbes Ave Pittsburgh - Register: Squirrel Hill Library - 412.422.9650 - squirrelhill@carnegielibrary.org


April 6 – Executive Women’s Council of Greater Pittsburgh presents An informative meeting with the Candidates for Allegheny County Chief Executive at Omni William Penn, Bob and Dolores Hope Room, Mezzaine Level, 530 William Penn Place Pittsburgh – to register email to ewcpgh@aol.com and please mail your check payable to Executive Women’s Council to:  Roberta Rollings
, 241 Patterson Road
 Bethel Park - 412-848-9011



 April 7 - Breakfast Briefing: Globalization and the Transformation of the Labor Market - 8:15 - 9:30 a.m. - Dr. Guy Standing, Professor of Economic Security, University of Bath, United Kingdom, and Author of Work After Globalization: Building Occupational Citizenship - Moderator: Audrey Russo, President and CEO of the Pittsburgh Technology Council; Member of the Board of Directors of Vibrant Pittsburgh; Member of the Board of Directors of the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh - Location: Rivers Club, 301 Grant Street, 4th Floor, Pittsburgh


April 7 – April 9 - The Crucible - Presented by Robert Morris University’s Colonial Theatre - April 7, April 9 - 8 pm, April 10 - 2 pm - Five girls claim they have been visited by the devil.  Dark desires and hidden agendas surface as mass hysteria descends on a small New England town. One of the landmark plays of the twentieth century, Arthur Miller’s dramatization of the Salem witch trials chronicles the difficulty of defending principals and maintaining human dignity in a climate of fear, hysteria, and persecution.  The Crucible, famous for rousing the conscience of America, is still relevant today. Tickets $10 at the door. For more information please visit the Colonial Theatre’s web site or call 412-397-5454


April 8 - Women Business Leaders Breakfast Series - Speaker: Janet Lauer, Director, Three Rivers Clean Energy - Topic: “How Energy-Related Strategies and Investments can Bring Value to Your Bottom Line.” - Time: 7:30-9:00 AM - James Laughlin Music Center, Chatham University Shadyside Campus - Cost: $25.00 - Register online: www.chatham.edu/cwe


April 11- Women Etcetera, 10th Annual Regional Conference – Pittsburgh Marriott North, 100 Cranberry Woods Dr, Cranberry Township – 8:45 AM – 4 PM – sessions on Wellness, Caregiving, and Finance - morning kick-off speaker will be Jennifer Antkowiak -


April 13-  Getting Ready for Capital - Penn Brewery, Eisenhalle, 800 Vinial Street Pittsburgh - Using real world case studies, our panel of experts will define a step-by-step process to: Decide if you need capital for growth, Unlock “hidden” internal capital, Research the best type and source for capital, Prepare for credit application process, Create a plan to improve readiness for capital  - If you are interested in registering for this event or would like more information, please visit http://dbrc.ecenterdirect.com/ConferenceDetail.action?ID=49 and log in using your username and password.

April 13 -  Volunteers of America - Brown Bag Lunch – FREE - 1650 Main Street Pittsburgh - 12:00 – 1:00pm - Speaker  Melinda Emerson, author, social media strategist and entrepreneur - Topic: Launching and Running a Profitable Small Business - Pittsburgh native Melinda Emerson “Smallbizlady” will share her expertise on what entrepreneurs need to know about launching and running a profitable small business. Her first book, Become Your Own Boss in 12 months; A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business That Works and her audio CD, 10 Things You Must Never Forget in Business will guide us through this web-seminar, a first in expanding our speaker series across the state - RSVP: 412.782.5344 or volunteersofamerica@voapa.org

April 14 - WORKSHOP:  Let’s Get Organized - 1:00pm to 3:00pm, The Greentree Radisson, 101 Radisson Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205

Featuring a Panel of Pittsburgh’s Foremost Professional Organizers

Vickie Dellaquila, Patty Kreamer and Susan Lieber and Special Guest Emcee Media Personality Eleanor Schano  - Register Early (by April 7th) and $AVE! 

Members just $35 and Non Members $40 when you register by April 7th Includes Your Lunch - Prices increase to $40/$45 on April 8th http://www.pittsburghprofessionalwomen.net/id84.html to register


April 15 - Women’s Power Lunch  Come be a part of the longest running networking luncheon in the Pittsburgh area.  Bring 50 business cards or brochures to hand

out and be prepared to give a short presentation on your business to introduce yourself to other business women and professionals.  - 1:30 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.- Priory, Grand Hall, North Side, Pittsburgh - $30.00 cash at the door, receipts provide - RSVP: By April 13th

 To register, contact Suzanne McMahon-Froehlich at 724-452-5152 or suzannef@zoominternet.net - Business Exchange Networking Lunch  - Give a 1-2 minute commercial for your business. Bring business cards, brochures, and samples & Make new business contacts.


April 16 - Branding Your Image For Speaking Success Presented by Dawn Waldrop, Image Consultant - 8:00 - 8:30: networking & continental breakfast; 8:30 a.m. - 12 noon: introductions and featured program - LaRoche College, Zappala College Ctr, 9000 Babcock Blvd., Pittsburgh - National Speakers Association, Pittsburgh Chapter - NSA Members & Affiliates-$35, Nonmembers-$45, At the door-$55 (Informal Lunch- $5.25 additional - RSVP: Suggested by April 13th


April 16 – May 21 - Self-Defense for Women - (six consecutive Saturdays) - 10 – 11:30 am - Wilkins School Community Center, Regent Square – Email info@lionessmartialarts.com or call 412.241.6519 for more information


-April 17 - The Young Women’s Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation (YWBCAF) is hosting their annual spring event to benefit breast cancer education.  This year Buddy Valastro, known to all as the “Cake Boss” as seen on TLC, will be the special guest at this event.  He will share stories about his series, talk about his own families experiences with cancer and do a demonstration.  The event will be held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel at the Airport.  They are expecting 500 people to fill the ball room.  The time is from 4:30-9:30pm - There will be plenty of vendors to shop and you can cast your ballot during the cake contest – Visit www.mwrif.org. for information about other upcoming events

April 18 - 80th Anniversary Speaker Series: A New Diplomacy for the 21st Century? - 12:00-1:45 p.m. - Dr. Parag Khanna, Director of the Global Governance Initiative at the New America Foundation; Author of How to Run the World: Charting a Course to the Next Renaissance  - Fairmont Hotel, Ballroom, 510 Market Street, Pittsburgh

April 21 – Volunteers of America - Disability Resource Breakfast - 1650 Main Street Pittsburgh FREE - 8:30 – 9:30 AM - Speaker: Lindsay Fulton-Brown, Esq. from Osterhout, Fulton-Brown, LLC - Topic: Trouble Free Applications for Disability Benefits - Get practical advice on how to navigate Social Security application procedures once you have determined that you are eligible to apply for SSDI or SSI benefits. Fulton-Brown offers us her guidance in understanding the application, appeals, hearing, and representation process - RSVP: 412.782.5344 or volunteersofamerica@voapa.org

 April 27 - Business Exchange Networking Lunch  -  Give a 1-2 minute commercial for your business,  Bring business cards, brochures, and samples, Make new business contacts. -  11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. - Comfort Inn, 2801 Freeport Road, Harmarville - Cost: $15 - RSVP: By Monday, April 25 - To register, contact Carol Briney at 412-781-8773 or PlanBConsultant@comcast.net

April 28 - Small Business Works - Attend this free workshop designed to help small business owners find the resources they need to be successful.  The event will feature guest speakers and exhibitors, in addition to providing a forum for business owners to network and share best practices. The theme of this seminar is “Tools for Small Business - 2011 and Beyond,” and will focus specifically on cost-efficient resources. Attendees will learn more about services, such as the Allegheny County Department of Minority, Women & Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MWDBE) - 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. - Kingsley Association, 6435 Frankstown Avenue, Pittsburgh - Allegheny County, City of Pittsburgh, U.S. Small Business Administration, Duquesne University Small Business Development Center, and Building Bridges for Business - Cost: No charge



- April 28 – May 14 – Krista Kaley retruns to the stage as Sister Robert Anne in the Nunsense series: Sister Robert Anne’s Cabaret Class – South Park Theatre – Tickets: $15 – For reservations call 412-831-8552








May 11, Erie PA from 9:00am - 11:00am


The Small Business Development Centers at Duquesne University and Gannon University would like to invite you to our SBIR / STTR workshops - Free, Basics workshops are offered for those who are new to this type of funding. For those who know the basics and now want to learn how to win these awards, register for our day-long workshop taught by nationally recognized speaker John Davis.









Save the Date


May 20 - Cocktails and Cuisine for Women in Crisis - 6 to 10PM  The Woodlands, Bradford Woods, Pittsburgh  - A Unique Afterwork Grazing/Sipping event to benefit Crisis Center North. Over 20 top food purveyors compete for Best Taste Treat!

Wine and Vodka sampling adds to the fun! Live Auction with “one of a kind” trips and events -$60 per person (includes wine and beer) $75 VIP (also includes early admission and premier parking)  Www.CrisisCenterNorth.org or call 412-364-6728 Ext. 15


June 10 - Inspired Women in Business And Life  - An Empowering Full Day Conference! Celebrate,Elevate and Appreciate the Inspired Spirit Within us All! – 8:00 to 5 – Four Points Sheraton, Mars, PA. Two tracts throughout the day guarantee attendees great content on both business or life topics. Silent Auction benefiting Treasure House Fashion. Early Bird Tickets by May 10th start at $75! For agenda as well as sponsor/vendor opportunities go to Www.InspiredWomen.com or call 724-935-6100

Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Statistics

April 03, 2011 By: admin Category: Feature Article

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual violence  is not motivated by sexual desire , it is a crime of  violence sexualized and includes: rape, incest, child sexual assault, ritual abuse, date and acquaintance rape, statutory rape, marital or partner rape, sexual exploitation, sexual contact, sexual harassment, exposure, human trafficking and voyeurism. Sexual Violence occurs whenever a person is forced, coerced, and/or manipulated into any unwanted sexual activity.

Rapists use sex as a weapon to dominate and hurt others, and it is a crime



Some statistics on Sexual violence obtained from the Department of Justice include :

An average 233,986 Americans age 12 and older are sexually assaulted each year.

Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.

  • 1 out of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. 2 Among all victims, about nine out of ten are female.
  • 1 out of every 33 American men has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in his lifetime. 2 About 10% of all victims are male.
  • Age of sexual assault victims
    • 15% are under age 12.
    • 29% are age 12-17
    • 44% are under age 18
    • 80% are under age 30
    • Ages 12-34 are the highest risk years  
    • Girls ages 16-19 are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault.
  • Estimated persons raped in lifetime by gender and race
    • Women
      • 17.7% of white women
      • 18.8% of African-American women
      • 6.8% of Asian / Pacific Islander women
      • 34.1% of American Indian / Alaskan Native women
      • 24.4% mixed race women
      • 14.6% of Hispanic women
    • Men
      • 2.8% of white men
      • 3.3% of African-American men
      • 4.4% of mixed race men
      • The sample size was too small to estimate for Asian/ Pacific Islander and American Indian / Alaskan Native men

Effects of Rape

Physical Injuries
100% of completed rapes, 39% of attempted rapes, and 17% sexual assaults against females result in injured victims.

  • 33% of victims sustain minor (bruises and chipped teeth) physical injuries
  • 5% of victims sustain major (broken bones and gunshot wounds) injuries
  • 61% of victims sustain undetermined injuries

Only around 36% of injured victims receive medical care.

  • 82% of those cared for use hospital services
  • 55% use physician services
  • 17% use dental services
  • 19% use ambulatory / paramedic services
  • 17% use physical therapy services

Mental Health
Victims of sexual assault are:

  • 3 times more likely to suffer from depression.
  • 6 times more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol.
  • 26 times more likely to abuse drugs.
  • 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide.

About 1 in 11 sexual assault victims reported that they suffered some economic loss as a consequence of the crime.

  • The average economic loss (in 1997) was about $200
  • Nearly 7% of victims reported losing time from work.

Reporting to Police

  • There were 90,427 forcible rapes reported to police in 2007.  
  • Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes, with an average of 39% being reported to the police each year.
  • When victims of rape, attempted rape, and sexual assault did not report the crime to the police, the most often cited reasons were:
    • Rape:
      • personal matter (23.3%)
      • fear of reprisal (16.3%)
      • police biased (5.8%)
    • Attempted rape:
      • personal matter (16.8%);
      • fear of reprisal (11.3%);
      • protect offender (9.9%)
    • Completed and attempted sexual assault:
      • personal matter (25.3%);
      • reported to different official (12.4%);
      • fear of reprisal (11.3%)
  • The closer the relationship between the female victim and the offender, the greater the likelihood that the incident will not be reported.  
    • When the offender was a current or former husband or boyfriend, about 75% of all victimizations were not reported to police.
    • When the offender was a friend or acquaintance, an average 71% were not reported.
    • When the offender was a stranger, an average 44% were not reported



  • Almost 2/3 of sexual assaults are committed by someone known to the victim.
    • 23% of rapists are an intimate
    • 3% are another relative
    • 38% are a friend or acquaintance
    • 31% are a stranger
    • 6% are unknown
  • Only about 6% of rapists ever serve a day in jail.
  • The average age of an arrested rapist is 31 years old.
    • 0.6% are 17 years old or younger
    • 54.6% are 18 to 29 years old
    • 28.6% are 30 to 39 years old
    • 8.9% are 40 to 49 years old
    • 7.3% are 50 years old or older
  • Marital status of arrested rapists.
    • 22.1% are married
    • 1.2% are widowed
    • 28.5% are divorced
    • 6.2% are separated
    • 42% are never married
  • An average 8% of sexual assaults each year involve the use of a weapon.
    • 2% use a firearm
    • 4% use a knife
    • 2% use another form of weapon
    • 6% are unsure
    • 87% of victims reported the use of physical force only
  • Convicted rapists made up 1.2% of the 272,111 state prisoners released in 1994, and 46% of these released rapists were rearrested within three years for some type of felony or serious misdemeanor
    • 2.5% were rearrested for another rape.
  • In 1999, women accounted for 1 in 50 offenders committing a violent sex offense including rape and sexual assault
    • Nearly 6 in 10 of these women serving time in state prisons have experienced physical or sexual abuse in the past.
  • Offenders in sexual assault murders are about 6 years younger on average than other murderers’
    • Youth under 18 have accounted for about 10% of the sexual assault murders since 1976.

Why do We Become Frail as We Age?

April 02, 2011 By: admin Category: Tips for Seniors and caregivers

In a women’s study released in 2009, researchers at Columbia and Johns Hopkins Universities discovered the important role activity plays in the fight against frailty and shed new light on what causes the condition.

Researchers found that frailty is the result of a systems failure in older adults, rather than a specific problem, disease or even chronological age. Data from women ages 70-79 led researchers to discover that half of those fragile seniors had three or more systems at abnormal levels, compared with 25 percent of the pre-frail and 16 percent of the non-frail population. Physiological factors that were assessed included anemia, inflammation and fine motor skills.

Treatments, including medications and hormone replacement, are unlikely to prevent elder frailty unless they are designed to improve multiple systems, says Linda P. Fried, MD, MPH, the study’s author and DeLamar Professor of Public Health at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health. “This may explain the importance of approaches such as remaining physically active as we get older, since activity improves many aspects of biology and overall health.”

What is Age-Related Frailty?

Family members as well as professionals are playing a role in helping researchers define frailty, according to Stephanie Studenski, M.D., M.P.H., who serves as director of clinical research for the University of Pittsburgh Institute on Aging.

One study conducted in 2004 asked health care providers and family caregivers what they see when they think of frailty. The goal was to develop a measure for geriatric clinical research to represent the geriatric clinician’s opinion about change in physical frailty. “I think the thing that was most striking to me was that many family members we talked with perceived that an older person is getting more or less frail based on social and psychological factors rather than physical factors,” Studenski said. “Doctors, meanwhile, focused on the physical evidence.”

“Part of it, for family members, was a sense of engagement that included spirit, mood and attitude. Those were factors that family members weighed more heavily than health care providers. What I determined from that study,” said Dr. Studenski, “is that we must be very careful defining frailty only in physical terms.”

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