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Organizing Your Space, By Carole Brecht

February 27, 2011 By: admin Category: Organizing your Space

Hello to you! I hope this finds you in a good place/space of mind and life is treating you well.
The new year is well under way. My hope is that you’re making progress in your life, decluttering,
 both personally and professionally. I came across an organizing tip the other day I thought well worth sharing.
It goes like this: Put Things in Their Place Immediately aka The Ice Cream Rule. If you walk into your house
 with a pint of ice cream, you don’t leave it on the counter for an hour, do you? No. It goes in the freezer now,
or you’ll be sorry later. Apply The Ice Cream Rule to everything in your home and/or office. Doing so will
 minimize the likelihood of creating a cluttered living space. Now it sounds very simple and in fact is, but it
 takes a conscious, consistent effort to make this rule apply. I’ve been applying this concept and find I have
far less “stuff” to move around, rearrange or find a place for. It has become automatic to get things where
they belong.
 Things can pile up quickly and then it can seem overwelming to make it all go away.
It requires much more effort to figure it all out and often times sits for a much longer period than necessary.
Next time you want to just drop something any old place, think about The Ice Cream Rule and hopefully that
will give you the impetus to take action and put things back where they belong. Keep on truckin’ towards
a more organized life, it’s so worth it, whatever it takes!
 Here’s to moving forward, Carole
Need a Professional Organizer/Personal Assistant? Please contact me via e-mail or telephone.
 I’ll be glad to help get you from point A to Z.
Carole Brecht
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?closeTheater=1#!/pages/Organize-Your-Life-Now/167825409901347

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