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October 01, 2010 By: Anna Marie Category: Organizing your Space

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Dear Readers,
I hope you find my article on organizing helpful and useful.  I have found in my own life, and in the life of my clients, that having your living space, whether in the home or office, organized, makes a BIG difference in how one feels.  For me, an organized (I didn’t say neat or even clean) area makes the difference between my peace of mind or a stressful situation.  Often times, just a little tweaking in an unorganized space can make a difference between a productive day or not.  Here are some tips for organizing a small room.
* Using horizontal shelving on empty walls is a great way to make use of “dead” space.  Whether you use part of the wall or all of the wall for shelving, the shelves can house a battery of useful items as well as knick knacks or items that are artistic and/or decorative.  This way of storage and/or decorating frees up valuable floor space. Be sure to place the things you use most often within height reach so you don’t need to use a stepladder everytime you go to get the thing you need often.
*  There are multiple furniture pieces that can double as storage space.  For example: a toy chest with a lid can be used for storing as well as sitting.  An ottoman often times has a lid for the top of it that can be used for storage.  An end table that has cabinet space or drawers is much more useful than just a table top. 
*  Hang a “mailbox” or “mailpocket” on your wall that is easy access and can hold all your mail.  I found myself having my mail all over my house in every room until I made use of this idea.  Now, it’s easy to locate and pay attention to those most important deadlines.
*  Select a desk that is large enough to house your most important paperwork.  Keep your printer and printer paper and accessories on a seperate stand.  This is a good way to declutter your “work” area and keep you focused without feeling too crowded. 
Here’s to your peace of mind through Organizing YOUR Life!

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