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Know When To Update Your Insurance Policy

September 01, 2011 By: admin Category: By Anne Fleming, Car Corner, Consumer Education

by Anne Fleming

With the growing number of online resources and car dealer reviews, it’s never been a more empowering time for women to buy a car. However, the years in between a purchase can result in neglecting to review their insurance coverage to match their current driving reality.

Life circumstances are dynamic and changing, and our paperwork needs to keep up. Just like many other things over time that need periodic upgrading, proper insurance coverage on your vehicle for you and your family couldn’t be more important. Reviewing and updating your auto insurance might be seen as an inconvenient errand to put off another day, but have you considered that your policy might be outdated with inadequate coverage, or potentially costing you money?

Women often only review their car insurance needs when purchasing a new vehicle. However, when annually renewing their insurance policy on the same vehicle over several years, they can overlook important factors and cost-saving changes that are needed to match their present lifestyle, driving habits and any vehicle equipment upgrades. It’s wise to consider some key factors to ensure you and your passengers are protected, and you’re not caught by surprise if the worse happens.

Auto Insurance Updates to Consider

Lifestyle Changes:
Review any changes in the past year(s) or mid-way through your policy term, such as:
• a different route and mileage to/from work
• or not driving to work at all anymore and pleasure use only
• the number of passengers that travel in your car vs. driving alone
• a move to a new geographical location with different weather (more snow), heavier traffic or increased crime
• new equipment in your car that could result in discounts (see below)

Vehicle Safety Discounts:
Along with equipment that already comes with a new purchase, if you’ve also added new safety devices or equipment to your car, talk to your insurance provider to take advantage of the available discounts that could apply to you, which can bring substantial savings on your premium payments:
• anti-theft devices, which in some states can result in a 25% discount on your comprehensive premiums
• back-up rear view monitor/sensors/camera
• front and side air bags, passenger or back seats
• day-time running lights
• keyless starter;
• wireless tracking devices that monitor driving behavior – these are installed by the insurance company themselves at your request and gauge actual mileage and speed driven
• alcohol sensors that do not allow a car to start if the driver is under the influence

Driver Discounts
• your gender - although varying by state, the average car insurance rate for women is around 9% lower than for men
• a safe driving record, for every year that you’ve had no accidents or tickets;
• low mileage
• retiree, generally for drivers aged 55 or older
• women as head of the household
• college student who lives 100 miles away from home that does not have a car on campus
• taking adult and student driver education courses

Other Discounts:
• insuring multiple vehicles from one household with the same provider, or bundling your auto, life and home insurance with the same carrier
• cost paid, or estimated to be paid, for your car
• VIN, Year, Make, Model, Body Style of car
• safety equipment standard on car

Don’t wait until after an incident to learn what you’re covered for or not. There are many benefits and wise precautions in having updated coverage. Take the time to review your auto insurance policy so it accurately reflects your current lifestyle, driving habits and vehicle enhancements. You’ll be glad you did!

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