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Here are some Tips to help you with the transition from the holidays

January 08, 2014 By: admin Category: Consumer Education

by Yvonne Phillips FSII
1. When storing your holiday decorations, clean items that need cleaned. Store in see through boxes and label for easy identification.
2. You know all those lovely lights, make sure that yours are stored either placed back in the boxes, ugh! Or you can wrap them loosely and tie them with a ribbon together.
3. If you are using an artificial tree, make sure that the color coding is readable. I know when I took mine out this year, it was becoming faded. I am using a colored round sticker to keep the layers clearly identified.
4. Look at all of those extra ornaments that you didn’t use this year. Make a decision what to do with them and move them on to someone else who can enjoy them. Recycle is a good practice to follow in all of our daily lives. It really is one step at a time and starting at the beginning of the year will keep it clearly in your mind to follow this in everything that you do.
5. We all celebrate with great food and wonderful holiday recipes. Make sure that you place the recipes back in a file to be able to pull out for next year. I am a foodie and I keep all of my holiday recipes in a clear plastic holder in a binder.
6. If you have a lot of extra food in the cabinets, you don’t need, donate to your local food banks. Please be conscious of expiration dates and give items that you would want if you were the recipient.
7. We all received presents for the holidays, now it is time to reduce those closet spaces by recycling or giveaway. Did you get a new coat; pass the old one on to someone who can really use it. I am doing that myself, I got a coat from my daughter and I am passing the older one, in good condition to someone I know who will be happy to have it.
After all of the holiday decorations are packed away, look at your décor and freshen it up a bit. Clean it and move it to another room or another space and see what kind of different energy you can create. www.fengshuiabc1.com

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